PA Lottery Payment Options 2021

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All of us would love to win a cool million by playing the lottery. For PA residents and visitors alike, when you win, you’re eager to get your hands on that money.

Keep reading if you want to figure out the best and easiest way to claim your prize money. And don’t miss the full PA Lottery review.

PA Lottery Payout Methods

First, you’re going to want to sign the back of your ticket and legibly print your name, current address, and phone number. Your next step will be based on the amount that you won.

WinningsPayout Details
Prizes of $600 or underYou are required to complete a Claim Form. You can find this online or at Lottery Retailers or at a Lottery Area Office.
Prizes up to $2,500These may be claimed at a PA lottery retailer. These prizes can be paid immediately depending on if the retailer is able to pay by cash, check, or money order. If they cannot pay, you may go to a different retailer or claim your prize by mail.
Prizes of over $2,500These may only be paid by the Lottery. You must mail a completed Claim Form along with the signed ticket to the address that is listed on the Claim Form.
Certain Prizes (including but not limited to a Powerball or a Megamillions Jackpot Prize, an annuity top or second-level prize for Cash4Life, or an annuity prize for a Scratch-Off game)These may only be claimed at Lottery Headquarters in Middletown.
PA Lottery
PA lottery bonus
Deposit using a variety of payout methods at PA lottery

PA Lottery Payout

Like many of us hard-working folks, I would love to one day win the lottery. The dream to quit your job, kick off your shoes, and lay back and relax feels almost in reach each time I buy a lottery ticket. However, I never knew that you could buy Pennsylvania Lottery tickets online.

So, say you buy PA Lottery tickets online, what next? The hope is that you win, of course. But how do you go about claiming your millions from your PA Lottery payout?

Be sure to know which PA Lottery draw games require a live TV to find out if you won or not. Find the schedule embedded.

Best Ways to Play the PA Lottery

The PA Lottery buy online option is very new to me. If you are able to buy Pennsylvania Lottery tickets online, you’ll be able to play the PA Lottery even more. Which means you may be able to increase your PA Lottery payout. But how does one buy Pennsylvania Lottery tickets online in the first place?

Pennsylvania has, as of October 2017, become one of just a few states to offer legal online lottery ticket sales. If you want to buy PA Lottery tickets online, you must be eligible to sign up for an account with the PA Lottery website. You must be 18 years of age or older, have a valid PA address, and, in order to be able to play online, you must be within the state borders of PA.

The options available to you when you go to the website to buy PA Lottery tickets online are reminiscent of the Scratch-Off tickets we all grew up playing with.

Available Games

  • Red Hot Keno
  • Monster Wins Reveal
  • Foxin’ Wins Again
  • Rainbow Fortunes
  • Wild Run Reveal
  • Cashbuster Extreme
  • Volcano!
  • Super Gems
  • Fast Buck Lucky
  • Robin Hood Prince of Tweets Reveal
  • Crossword Cash
  • Fast Buck Basketball
  • Cash in the Lamp
  • Volcano Reveal
  • Merry Multiplier
  • Foxin’ Wins Reveal
  • Cinna Money Match
  • Big Money Slingo
  • Gorilla Go Wild Reveal
  • A Dragon’s Story… Feared Across the Land
  • Super Cashbuster
  • Bigfoot Reveal
  • Treasure 7×7
  • Hex-Pop Payday
  • Ballroom Bingo
  • Big Eats Little
  • Cash and Conquer
  • Garden of Secrets
  • Lucky Peggs
  • Bee to Zee

The games are fairly simple and should not take too long to get acclimated to. The PA Lottery also expanded Keno as well as virtual sports at almost 10,000 retailers. Make sure when you sign up to use the PA Lottery bonus code.

Playing PA iLottery

When you get to the PA iLottery website, you will notice across the top of the page the following options are listed: “Games”, “Start Here”, “Promotions”, “Help”, “VIP Club”, “Sign Up”, “VIP Login” and “?”

The header at the top of the page boasts a 100% Deposit Bonus plus $5 Free Play when you sign up. The header switches to the other promotions as well. When signing up for any new page, the best course of action is always to check out the promotions being offered at the time.

PA Lottery

Promos Currently Available

The first promotion under the “Promotions” tab is the First Deposit Match promotion I previously mentioned. Make sure to use this promotion when signing up to increase your eventual PA iLottery withdrawal from your account after you win a large PA Lottery Payout.

Current Offers

  • Red Hot Keno Offer: When you play $25 of Red Hot Keno online, you will get a coupon for 5 draws, $1 Keno 4 Spot, Free.
  • Daily Promotions: These will change from day to day, make sure to check back
  • Lucky Sunday: You will get 25% cashback on Fast Buck Lucky and Rainbow Fortunes. Up to $50 per game.
  • Tuesday Prize Draw: You can claim and deposit $25 to enter into the $5,000 Prize Draw
  • Monday Monster Madness: You get $5 cashback for every $50 bet, up to a $25 bonus
  • Wild Wednesday – Wild Run Cashback: You will earn 20% cashback on Wild Run, up to $100 Bonus Money every Wednesday in March
  • Free Throw Friday: On Fridays, you can play $5 Fast Buck Basketball and get $5 cashback

PA iLottery Withdrawal

When you have finally played your fill on PA iLottery’s website, hopefully, you will have won a large PA Lottery Payout. So now, it is time to do a PA iLottery Withdrawal and spend your winnings.

The first step in requesting your PA iLottery Withdrawal, you must log in to your PAiLottery online account. From there, you will go to “Select My Account” and then “Cashier.”

PA iLottery Withdrawal Methods

  • ACH/eCheck
  • PayPal (which has a $10,000 withdrawal limit)

Verification is required by the PA iLottery website in order to claim your PA Lottery Payout and finish your PA iLottery Withdrawal. You will receive an email sent to the email address you signed up with when you are successful in submitting your PA iLottery Withdrawal request.

Keep in mind, it may take up to 72 hours for your PA iLottery Withdrawal request to be processed by payment specialists. In addition, extra processing time may be needed by the payment providers. PayPal will make your funds available immediately after your request is processed, in as little as 72 hours. The ACH (Electronic Check) method can take approximately 5 business days.

The minimum amount that you may withdraw at any time for all withdrawal methods is $10. Luckily, for the ACH withdrawal method, there is no maximum transaction limit, so go ahead and earn a huge PA Lottery Payout if you want, without fear. As mentioned before, PayPal has a maximum withdrawal of $10,000 per transaction. PayPal also has the caveat that you must have made at least one deposit to your PA iLottery online account using PayPal before you can make a PA iLottery Withdrawal request through PayPal.

Now, you may be wondering what the maximum amount you can deposit on your payment cards (credit cards, debit cards) might be. Luckily, there is no limit to use your debit card for deposits. However, there is a $1,000 per credit card limit per credit card within a 24 hour period.

PA iLottery

The PA iLottery website now makes it easier than ever to participate in the lottery (as long as you are 18 years or over and a PA resident with a valid PA address who can play within the borders of the state of Pennsylvania).

If you are already a fan of the Scratch-Off tickets you buy in the local convenience store, you will most likely feel right at home with the games offered on the PA iLottery website. In addition, each game offers a demo option which will allow you to figure out which game scratches your particular lotto itch.

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