PA iLottery Review 2021

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For Pennsylvania residents 18 years of age and over who are hoping to live the good life, winning the PA Lottery is the dream of dreams. But, what is the best way to win big and how do you claim your winnings? This PA iLottery review will help you find out the best way to play the odds and claim your cash!

And don’t forget your PA Lottery bonus code before playing!

PA iLottery Offer

PA Lottery

New players only. Must be 18 years or older and located within Pennsylvania at time of play. Full T&C apply.

Online LotteryPA iLottery
PA iLottery Offer$20 Free Bonus Money: MAXLOTTO + 100% Deposit Match up to $500
Red Hot Keno OfferIf you play $25 on Red Hot Keno online, you will get a coupon for 5 draws, $1 Keno 4 Spot, Free.
Daily PromotionsThis will change from day to day, you must make sure to check back to see what is available
Lucky SundayGet 25% cashback on Fast Buck Lucky and Rainbow Fortunes. Up to $50 per game.
Tuesday Prize DrawPlayers can claim and deposit $25 to enter into the $5,000 Prize Draw
Monday Monster MadnessGet $5 cashback for every $50 bet, up to a $25 bonus
Wild Wednesday – Wild Run CashbackPlayers will earn 20% cashback on Wild Run, up to $100 Bonus Money every Wednesday in March (ending soon!)
Free Throw FridayOnly on Fridays, players can play $5 Fast Buck Basketball and get $5 cashback

PA iLottery Review: Background

With the recent Powerball payout reaching historic proportions, many of us are dreaming of what we would do with our winnings. Luckily, the PA Lottery Powerball has been available since 2002. The PA Lottery online, which has been available since October 2017, also offers a newer and easier way to play the lottery from your very own home at your own convenience. This PA iLottery review will help you decide what games will help you achieve your lottery dreams.

First, for those looking to take advantage of the Pennsylvania Lottery online option, you must check out the PA Lottery online website, PA iLottery. If you want to use Pennsylvania Lottery online, you must be eligible to sign up for an account with the PA Lottery website. In order to do this, you must be 18 years of age or older, have a valid PA address, and, importantly if you want to be able to play online, you must be within the state borders of PA.

The PA Lottery online website is pretty easy to use. When you get to the PA iLottery website, you will see the menu across the top of the page.

Menu Options

  • Games
  • Start Here
  • Promotions
  • Help
  • VIP Club
  • Sign Up
  • VIP Login
  • ? (Help)

The scrolling header that lives at the top of the page touts a 100% Deposit Bonus plus $5 Free Play at the time that you sign up. The header pans to other promotions available. The first step for me when signing up for any new page is to try to find the best deal available. To me, the best plan of action is to hunt down the promotions being offered at the time. In the table above, check out all the current promotions.

PA Lottery review

PA Lottery Instant Games

The PA Lottery Instant Games are always a great option if you don’t have a lot of money to spend or if you don’t want to be stuck within the confines of the bigger drawings, like the PA Lottery Powerball.

New Scratch-Offs

  • Wild Numbers 50x: Win up to 50 times your prize, 10 top prizes of $300,000
  • Wild Numbers 20x: Win up to 20 times your prize, 10 top prizes of $100,000
  • Mother’s Day: Butterfly symbol wins the prize automatically, 10 top prizes of $50,000
  • Wild Numbers 10x: Win up to 10 times your prize, 10 top prizes of $10,000
  • Wild Numbers 5x: Win up to 5 times your prize, 10 top prizes of $5,000
  • Keno: Winners every 4 minutes. (A buy one get one free offer is available on the PA lottery website).

Available Games

  • Red Hot Keno
  • Monster Wins Reveal
  • Foxin’ Wins Again
  • Rainbow Fortunes
  • Wild Run Reveal
  • Cashbuster Extreme
  • Volcano!
  • Super Gems
  • Fast Buck Lucky
  • Robin Hood Prince of Tweets Reveal
  • Crossword Cash
  • Fast Buck Basketball
  • Cash in the Lamp
  • Volcano Reveal
  • Merry Multiplier
  • Foxin’ Wins Reveal
  • Cinna Money Match
  • Big Money Slingo
  • Gorilla Go Wild Reveal
  • A Dragon’s Story… Feared Across the Land
  • Super Cashbuster
  • Bigfoot Reveal
  • Treasure 7×7
  • Hex-Pop Payday
  • Ballroom Bingo
  • Big Eats Little
  • Cash and Conquer
  • Garden of Secrets
  • Lucky Peggs
  • Bee to Zee

PA Lottery Instant Games on the PA iLottery website also allow you to demo the games before you spend any money. This will allow you to figure out which game suits your skills best before any money is even on the line.

PA Lottery Pick 3

Being more familiar with the bigger lottery games like the PA Lottery Powerball, I was unaware there were options like the PA Lottery Pick 3. One of the interesting components of the PA Lottery Pick 3 is the fact that you can play it every day, twice a day. Because there is an option for the day and for the evening, you are never too late to play the next game.

For the PA Lottery 3, you try to match the winning lottery numbers in the PA Lottery Pick 3 day and/or PA Lottery Pick 3 evening. You can also choose to add the Wild Ball option, which will give you more chances to win. The Wild Ball number drawn can replace another number drawn by the Lottery, which in turn helps increase your chances of winning.

How to Play

  • Visit your local PA Lottery retailer to get a PA Lottery Pick 3 playslip.
  • Play up to 5 panels on your Pick 3 playslip. Pick any 3 digit number on each game panel. Also, you have a Quickplay option if you want your numbers chose randomly by the computer.
  • Then, choose your play type: Straight, Box, Straight/Box, Super Straight, Front Pair, or Back Pair.
  • Next, pick the drawing you want to play. Day, Evening, or Day & Evening.
  • Next, you choose the amount of money you want to place on each Pick 3 Game, either $.50 or $1. Then choose the time and date you want to play. You can place Pick 3 play types for up to 7 draws in advance.
  • Then you wait for the PA Lottery Pick 3 results. You can check Pick 3 Lottery results by watching the Pick 3 Day Drawing daily on the PA Lottery website after 1:35 PM EDT, watching the Pick 3 Evening Drawing nightly on the PA Lottery website after 6:59 PM EDT on TV or online streaming, by checking the PA Lottery website or the PA Lottery official mobile app, or you can visit the Lottery VIP Players Club website to sign up for emails and text messages of winning numbers.

PA Lottery Pick 4

PA Lottery Pick 4 is an option very similar to PA Lottery Pick 3. Also different from the PA Lottery Powerball which only has 2 drawings per week, PA Lottery Pick 4 offers two different drawings per day, daytime and evening, which means two drawings every day. Pick 4 also allows you to purchase the Wild Ball option to replace one of the numbers drawn by the Lottery.

How to Play

  • You must once again venture out of your house to your local PA Lottery retailer to play the Pick 4 Lottery and purchase a playslip.
  • You can play up to 5 panels on your Pick 4 playslip. Pick any 4 digit number on each game panel. There is also the Quickplay option which allows you to have a computer choose your numbers randomly.
  • Pick your play type from these options: Straight, Box, or Straight/Box. If you choose Straight wager, you must match the winning numbers in the exact order they are drawn, as opposed to Box wagers, which just need you to match the winning numbers in any order.
  • Choose the drawing you wish to play from: Day, Evening, or Day and Evening.
  • Choose the amount of money you are placing on each Pick 4 game, either $.50 or $1. Then the time and dates you want to play. You can choose PA Lottery Pick 4 play types for up to 7 draws in advance.
  • You will find the results in the same places as the PA Lottery Pick 3 results.

PA iLottery Review 2019

Now that you are more aware of the PA Lottery games that are available thanks to this PA iLottery review, you can go out and find the game that works best for you. Make sure to do your research and find the best game for your special skills.

Naturally, you’ll probably want to play on the go, so make sure to read our PA Lottery app review!

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