Over Under Betting

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One of the most popular forms of betting is over under betting. Usually offered in conjunction with point spread betting, over-under betting can offer greater value than a typical moneyline bet.

We’re going to discuss how over under betting works in our detailed guide. We’ll give you real-life examples of Totals betting in Pennsylvania to show you how this type of wagering works. We’ll start with a closer look at what over under betting actually is.

What Is Over Under Betting?

With over-under betting, you don’t need to successfully pick the result of the event. All that is required is that you choose how many points (or game equivalent) will be scored, over or under a specified amount.

There are some variations of this market available too. For example, you might find at some PA sportsbooks that O/U betting can be combined with other bet types. For example, you can combine moneyline bets and over-unders or bet on both teams to score plus an over/under.

Let’s say you want to bet on a soccer game, and the teams involved both possess excellent scoring records. An over bet may be a good choice here. Alternatively, both sides may have trouble finding the net regularly, but possess strong defenses that are difficult to break. Potentially, a total goals under bet could prove successful.

Study the form of the sides involved and assess how strong they are, both in attack and defense. Of course, there is no fool-proof way of picking the right bets, but a little research can go a long way.

over under betting

Common Sports for Over Under Betting

If over under betting interests you, you’ll be pleased to know that this market is available on a variety of sports and events. Let’s take a closer look at the most popular now.


In football, over under betting is a particular favorite with many bettors. It can be a good market to choose if the two teams involved in the game you’re betting on are evenly matched, thus making a successful Moneyline bet difficult.

Let’s use an example. We have Pittsburgh Steelers against New England Patriots. The sportsbook has listed the over under betting odds as follows:

  • O 51: -110
  • U 51: -110

Generally, over under betting on average in football is between 47 and 53 points. For our example above, the total has been set, by the sportsbook, at 51. 

So, let’s say the game finished Pittsburgh Steelers 34 New England Patriots 24. In this instance, an Over bet would have been successful. If we would have bet on Under 51, our bet would have lost.

What if the combined total of points was 51, and you’ve bet Over or Under this amount? This is known as a Push. With a Push bet you neither win or lose, but you will have your stake returned to you.


Another popular choice for Pennsylvania bettors is basketball. Total over under betting is available at most PA sportsbooks. Many of these operators offer odds on leagues and competitions taking place across the globe. For this example, we’ll use the NBA and a game between the Philadelphia 76ers and Miami Heat.

Let’s say the operator has listed the over under odds for this game as such.

  • O 210: -125
  • U 210: -115

For this game, the over under total has been set at 210. So, if there were 240 points scored in the game, an over bet would be successful. An Under bet would be a losing one. If there were a total of 210 points, this would be a Push bet.

In addition to over under betting on individual games, there are sometimes possibilities to utilize this market on outright betting too. As an example, these are the current odds for how many games the 76ers will win in the regular season next year.

Philadelphia 76ers 

  • O 53.5: -120

You’ll notice a slight difference with the over total. A lot of the time, an over under total will include a .5. Now, of course, the 76ers can’t win half a game. In this example, if the 76ers win 54 games or more, you win your bet. If the side wins 52 or less, you lose your bet.

You’ll find the .5, otherwise known as the hook, in most over under betting odds.


Onto baseball. Most PA bettors will be able to access over under betting on most baseball fixtures. We’ve used the fixture between St Louis Cardinals and Pittsburgh Pirates for our next example.

So, your sportsbook could offer you odds such as these.

St Louis Cardinals v Pittsburgh Pirates

  • O 9: -106
  • U 9: -116

Let’s say the Cardinals and the Pirates scored a combined eleven runs in the game. An over bet would be successful in this instance, with the under bet a loser.

Ice Hockey

Likewise, ice hockey is incredibly popular with bettors and viewers alike. The NHL, in particular, is a huge favorite for many, and sportsbooks provide a range of betting odds to cater to these fans.

Totals betting on the NHL is an option for you at the majority of sportsbooks. It works similarly to the above example, with goals instead of points or runs.

Let’s say we want to bet on the Pittsburgh Penguins against New Jersey Devils. We are presented with odds like this.

  • O 5.5: -125
  • U 5.5: -110

Like the examples above, over under betting on ice hockey is pretty simple to understand. We’ll say that the Penguins win the game 4-2. If you’d placed a bet on six goals or over to be scored in the game, you’d win. If you’d taken the under option, your bet would be lost.


Total O/U betting in soccer works slightly differently to the sports we’ve discussed above. Generally, you get more options in soccer than you do in other sports.

For instance, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Total O/U 0.5, Total O/U 1.5, and Total O/U 2.5 offered. Many sportsbooks go up to O/U 7.5 in selected soccer games.

The most common, though, is over/under 2.5. This is the standard bet on totals in soccer betting.

For our next example, we’ll use the MLS game between Montreal Impact and Philadelphia Union.

Montreal Impact v Philadelphia Union

  • O 2.5: -144
  • U 2.5: +114

As you can see from the odds offered, the bookies are expecting goals in this one. With our previous examples, the odds on each option were relatively close. Here, though, there is a huge difference between over the specified amount and under.

Let’s say the bookies get this one wrong, and the match finishes 1-1. Those of you who have bet on the under will win, with all over bets losing.

Other Sports

Over-under betting is available on a range of other sports too. Cricket and rugby are also popular choices. Golf, too, is a big one. Will Tiger Woods win over or under a specified number of titles this season? How many rounds will we see, over or under a given amount, in the Joshua v Ruiz Jr fight?

If you like the look of over under betting, it’s important to find a sportsbook who can cater to your needs. Before you sign up to any sportsbook, make sure you’re aware of all the terms and conditions of opening an account.

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