Louis Saha Exclusive: Pogba’s been treated unfairly

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Ahead of Manchester United’s Super Sunday clash against Liverpool, we’ve got the latest thoughts from former Manchester United and France striker, Louis Saha.

The Frenchman shared his thoughts on the Manchester United vs Liverpool game this weekend, James Maddison being a good potential addition to the United squad and the current situation of Paul Pogba.

Louis Saha Exclusive: Pogba’s been treated unfairly

Paul Pogba has been injured for a little while now, and it has been nice that the focus has been on other players like Anthony Martial, Fred and Marcus Rashford. The whole time everyone is talking about Pogba and what he is doing on and off the pitch. It seems like it has always been up to Pogba to be the best player and to create everything.

Pogba might have been open about his future and what he wants, but that is because he is a good player and has the right to say those things. It backfires sometimes and people ask too much of him. Paul Pogba is a massive asset for United, what they need is to have the players around him who are able to help him out, rather than leaving it up to him. I personally have always felt the pressure and the bad press surrounding Pogba has been unfair.

Louis Saha Exclusive: Manchester United vs Liverpool isn’t the same as when I was playing

It has changed. When I was playing in these games, you had some of the local boys like Gary Neville, Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs who would do a lot of talking and build-up the week leading up to the game which would get everyone going and the attitude would change in training. Now, you have some of the local boys like Rashford and Greenwood, but they don’t do the same talking in the build-up to the games, so it could be seen as the game being softer than it was when I was playing.

Louis Saha Exclusive: Maddison has great potential and would be a good fit at United

I am a big fan of James Maddison. He has great potential and has been performing very well this season. He has good experience in the Premier League now and for him to come to Manchester United would be a big step up for him – and one that I feel confident he’d manage. He has a great future ahead of him.

Louis Saha Exclusive: Ole has shown potential this season, hopefully United won’t struggle as long as Liverpool did

Ole is in a difficult situation with the position that the club is in at the moment. With the sheer size of Manchester United and the money that is there, Ole is having to adjust to what he is used to at the smaller clubs. He has shown that there is potential with the team and with what he is doing but they are in a transition period where a lot needs to change. Hopefully, United don’t do a Liverpool and struggle for a long time.

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